Callsign Data

class qrztools.qrztools.QrzCallsignData

A QRZ callsign query result.

name : Name = Name()

Operator name

address : Address = Address()

Operator mailing address

dxcc : Dxcc = Dxcc()

DXCC entity

latlong : LatLong = LatLong(0, 0)

approximate lat/long of address

grid : Grid = Grid(LatLong(0, 0))

grid locator of address

image : QrzImage = QrzImage()

QRZ profile image

effective_date : datetime.datetime = datetime.datetime.min

license effective date (USA)

expire_date : datetime.datetime = datetime.datetime.min

license expiration date (USA)

last_modified : datetime.datetime = datetime.datetime.min

QRZ callsign last modified date

bio_updated : datetime.datetime = datetime.datetime.min

date of last bio update

born : datetime.datetime = datetime.datetime.min

birthdate of the operator

call: str


xref: str = ''

Cross reference: the query callsign that returned this record

aliases: List[str]

Other callsigns that resolve to this record

prev_call: str = ''

Previous callsign

trustee: str = ''

Trustee information (for clubs)

qsl_manager: str = ''

QSL manager info

lic_class: str = ''

license class

lic_codes: str = ''

license type codes (USA)

county: str = ''

county name (USA)

fips: str = ''

FIPS county identifier (USA)

msa: str = ''

Metro Service Area (USPS)

area_code: str = ''

Telephone Area Code (USA)

cq_zone: int = 0

CQ zone identifier

itu_zone: int = 0

ITU zone identifier

iota: str = ''

IOTA designator

geoloc: qrztools.qrztools.GeoLocSource = 'None'

Describes source of lat/long data

timezone: str = ''

Time zone name (USA)

gmt_offset: str = ''

GMT time offset

observes_dst: bool = False

whether daylight savings time is observed

user: str = ''

User who manages this callsign on QRZ

email: str = ''

email address

url: str = ''

profile url

profile_views: int = 0

QRZ web page views

bio_size: int = 0

approximate size of bio HTML in bytes

serial: int = 0

QRZ database serial number

eqsl: Optional[bool] = False

whether the operator accepts eQSL. None if unknown

mail_qsl: Optional[bool] = False

whether the operator accepts mail QSL. None if unknown

lotw_qsl: Optional[bool] = False

whether the operator accepts Logbook of the World QSL. None if unknown


class qrztools.qrztools.QrzDxccData

A QRZ DXCC query result.

latlong : LatLong = LatLong(0, 0)

approximate latitude and longitude of the entity

dxcc: int = 0

entity number

cc2: str = ''

ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 country code

cc3: str = ''

ISO-3166-1 alpha-3 country code

name: str = ''

entity name

continent: Optional[qrztools.qrztools.Continent] = None

the entity’s continent

ituzone: int = 0

the entity’s ITU zone

cqzone: int = 0

the entity’s CQ zone

utc_offset: str = ''

UTC timezone offset. Odd timezones, such as 0545 mean “5 hours, 45 minutes”.

notes: str = ''

special notes/exceptions

Helper Data Types

class qrztools.qrztools.QrzImage

Represents a QRZ profile image

url: str = ''

image url

height: int = 0

image height in pixels

width: int = 0

image width in pixels

size: int = 0

approximate size in bytes

class qrztools.qrztools.Dxcc

Represents a DXCC entity in a QrzCallsignData object

id: int = 0

entity ID

name: str = ''

entity name

class qrztools.qrztools.Address

Represents an address in a QrzCallsignData object

attn: str = ''

Attention address line, this line should be prepended to the address

line1: str = ''

address line 1 (i.e. house # and street)

line2: str = ''

address line 2 (i.e, city name)

state(USA Only): str = ''

state (USA Only)

zip: str = ''

Zip/postal code

country: str = ''

country name for the QSL mailing address

ccode: int = 0

dxcc entity code for the mailing address country

class qrztools.qrztools.Name

Represents a name in a QrzCallsignData object

first: str = ''

first name(s)

name: str = ''

last name or full name

nickname: str = ''

A different or shortened name used on the air

formatted_name: str = ''

Combined full name and nickname in the format used by QRZ. This fortmat is subject to change.

class qrztools.qrztools.GeoLocSource

Describes where the lat/long data in a QrzCallsignData object comes from

class qrztools.qrztools.Continent

A continent, used for QrzDxccData


class qrztools.qrztools.QrzError(*args)

The exception raised when something goes wrong in qrztools